Tradition meets modernity

A nation of 51 million people, South Korea is a vibrant place bristling with local delights, age-old cuisines, serene, natural beauty coupled with outstanding modernity. There really is something for everyone in this rapidly developing country. Known as 'The Land of the Morning Calm', you will find Korea is a progressive society, focused on advancement while holding sacred their many traditions.

South Korea has undergone vast progression as well as globalisation in recent decades, arguably overtaking many western countries. Within Korea's cities you can find all manner of local amenities such as restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping districts and multiplexes. Streets are lined with local restaurants where you can try your hand at Korea's world famous meat, fish, vegetable and rice dishes.  If the Korean cuisine isn't to your liking you can find many western restaurant chains as well as some western brands in supermarkets.

You will find a community of expat teachers in most cities, and there are many meetup groups on Facebook, as well as language exchanges you can take part in to make friends with both Korean's and expats alike. 

Korean cities have multiple gyms as well as clubs for taekwondo, dancing, boxing, yoga and other activities. Baseball, soccer and basketball are very popular sports in Korea and you can find clubs for these in most communities.


Moving to Korea may seem like a daunting idea at first, but settling in is made easier by the helpful, welcoming nature of Koreans, as well as the sheer variety of things to do. You will meet other foreign teachers along the way, and being in the same position as each other allows strong bonds to be formed. Students are excited and interested in you as foreigner in a country with relatively little western immigration, and this makes teaching a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Achieving the transition and setting up a life in another country is an incredible experience, and one that will leave you with lasting benefits and wonderful memories.

See link below for some of the most beautiful parts of South Korea:

What you can Achieve

  • Develop yourself personally and professionally.
  • Earn 2.1 million won per month as a starting salary and easily save most of this.
  • Explore the incredible cities, villages, mountains, and natural wonders Korea has to offer.
  • Make connections with other teachers and expats from around the world.
  • Travel to nearby Japan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and more, within a few hours.
  • Make a difference to the lives of South Korea's young learners.
  • Live in Korea during a time of great advancement and rapid change.
  • Earn valuable experience in teaching and kick-start your career into education, or take a years break from your current career.